Our church landscape is changing exponentially, and it can be difficult to follow the latest church best practices—let alone vet them and put them into practice! In 2019, how can our churches do their best work in being the church? In March, we hope to answer some of these questions.

From 9am to 4pm on Saturday, March 30 at First Plymouth Congregational UCC in Englewood, CO, Andy DeBraber from OPTICS will visit the RMC to present their Money Matters Workshop. The sessions will cover some of the most powerful financial resources available, and how to use them effectively. Workshops include:


Re-Purposing Your Building for Revitalized Ministry
Church buildings, especially older church buildings, demand constant care and attention often stretching church budgets and resources to the limit. This workshop offers strategies and examples of ways in which your church building can work for you to augment your ministries, increase your presence in the community, prioritize use of spaces, obtain funding for renovations and rehabilitation and more.

Seven Ways to Increase Giving
When used together, a major study showed that these seven elements will significantly boost giving in your congregation. Come learn what they are and how to implement them in your church.

Transformed Giving Through Year-Round Stewardship
For churches successfully raising money for their mission, stewardship is no longer just a month-long issue. Nor is it a simple matter of pointing to the leak in the roof and asking members for help. Stewardship is a year-round experience that embraces a combination of actions and strategies. This workshop provides practical, hands-on, and proven tips for your congregation’s stewardship planning and successful execution.

Planned Giving: The Keys to Building a Successful and Sustainable Program
An open forum discussion will provide an overview of planned giving, review best practices and explore how individuals and churches can achieve their stewardship goals. Also, the workshop will provide a demonstration of the UCF Planned Giving Microsite, an online platform that a church can customize to inform donors about the importance of planned giving and explain how their gift will help strengthen the foundation of their church.

If you’re interested but can’t make the workshop in person, we’ll also be recording it for anyone who’d like to view it later! More details on that soon. There is no fee for this event! Instead, guests are invited to offer good-will donations to help cover the costs of our refreshments (breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided).

In addition to UC Funds, the event will also be presented by the Church Building & Loan Funds (CBLF) and OPTICS (National Office of Philanthropy, Technology, Communications).


RSVP to today! This will help ensure we have enough space, food, supplies, etc.