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Conference Wide Committee on Ministry: Special All-Conference Meeting

November 10, 2021




Rocky Mountain Conference
Next steps towards a Conference Wide Committee on Ministry: Special All-Conference Meeting 

November 10, 6:30 PM

In the United Church of Christ, Associations, or Conferences acting as Associations, are responsible for the authorization, oversight, and accountability of its ministers. This work is incredibly important as any action taken by an Association is done in and on behalf of the entire United Church of Christ. In the Rocky Mountain Conference, this responsibility has been carried out by Associations through Committees on Ministry (COM).
Over the past 4 years, Association leaders, COM members, and conference staff have, through much conversation, prayer and discernment, determined that bringing our gifts together across all five Associations into one Conference Wide COM will increase our capacity to carry out these responsibilities with greater excellence, intention, and consistency.  All 5 RMC Associations are in support of a 2-year experimental Conference-Wide COM (CWCOM).  In order to begin this 2-year experiment, the Rocky Mountain Conference bylaws need to be amended to include the creation of this new CWCOM. The official bylaw changes are available for download here.

There will be two votes taken at this special Conference Meeting:

  1. Changing the bylaws to include a paragraph on the CWCOM;
  2. Election of those who were nominated to serve on the CWCOM.

In order for this to be able to move forward, we need a quorum of 23 churches represented at this special meeting.  Your presence is essential!  If you are an elected voting delegate for your church or an RMC Clergy person, please plan on attending this meeting.  Registration is required