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Join priest, healer, spiritual teacher, author, storyteller, and poet-seer, Brendan Ellis Williams, for an immersive and experiential exploration of Gaelic and Welsh ancestral traditions. Together in the bonds of community, participants will explore deep-rooted threads of Celtic story, spirituality, theology, and contemplative practice.

Brendan teaches his ancestral Gaelic and Welsh traditions through a lens of “rewilding” and reclaiming, by experiential immersion of head and heart, body and soul, challenging popular assumptions regarding ‘Celtic Christianity’ and the oft romanticized traditions of his archaic Ancestors. He is author of the forthcoming book, Seeds from the Wild Verge: Myth, Nature, and Theology in the Border Stream of Celtic Wisdom (Ancient Oak, 2019).

If you are in need of refreshment of spirit, connection to Earth, deepening of spiritual groundedness, or all of the above, this retreat is for you. It will include…

  • An engaging and challenging introductory talk by Fr. Brendan on the current state of Western cultures, societies, and religions, the unsustainability of their practices, and what native Celtic spiritualities might have to offer in response
  • Ancient Gaelic and Welsh stories told round the hearth-fire by Fr. Brendan, in traditional bardic style.
  • Communal exploration of key concepts in native Celtic worldviews, and an experiential introduction to the living Earth as Mother.
  • Creative response and ‘narrative therapy’ work, using key motifs from Celtic myths and folktales.
  • Teachings in mystical theology and contemplative practice.
  • Direct experience of ancient Seership practices from Gaelic tradition, very rarely known or taught, rooted in the living Land, in stone, soil, and leaf.
  • Immersive, guided meditation practices to more deeply understand and develop relationships with the three sacred realms of Earth, Sky, and Sea.
  • A communal, dialectical exploration of ‘deep ecology’ and the rhythms of the year as understood in Celtic cultures, with an emphasis on contemporary application.
  • Time for concluding question-and-answer, conversation, and guidance with and from Fr. Brendan on everything covered during the retreat.


There are only 30 spots available for this immersive and intimate retreat, so register today!