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Join us at La Foret in the beautiful Rockies for training in the elementary (K-1 & 4-6) and secondary (7-9 & 10-12) levels of Our Whole Lives: Sexuality and Our Faith.

People from all backgrounds are welcome to join the training, as Our Whole Lives can stand on its own as a secular, evidence-based comprehensive sexuality curriculum. Both trainings (elementary & secondary) will run from 5pm, Friday to 2pm, Sunday, November 15-17, so please make travel arrangements accordingly. There will be lodging and food onsite at La Foret for those traveling from out of town and there is a registration option for those who will be commuting in each day (which includes all meals except breakfasts).

Participants are required to purchase their own copies of the curricula before showing up for the training. You can order curricula here. If you have questions, please email La Foret’s Sexuality Education Organizer, Candace Woods.