Entering Grades 9-12

July 16-22, 2017

Exploring faith, friendships, and ourselves through music, art, dance, and drama.

Camp Cost: $490

Check-In: 07/16/2017 4:00pm
Check-Out: 07/22/2017 10:00am
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Earl Guitar
Jam Sesh

Our theory at Music, Art, Dance, and Drama (MADD) Camp is that we can get in touch with God through the arts; however, all artistic skill-levels are present and welcome at MADD Camp. Along with engaging the youth in intellectual faith conversations, we attempt to get them “out of their heads” and into experiencing the transcendent through creativity, nature, friendships, self-discovery, games, activities, and LOTS of fun. We find these moments to be the most powerful in helping young people to develop a lifelong faith.

Event Leadership

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Rhiana Westlund

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Ben Westlund