Church Growth and Vitality Resource Page

*To Begin: Please Download and Complete the Church Vitality Self-Assesment Forms*

Complete Congregational Vitality Self-Assesment
Short Form Vitality Self-Assesment

Core Discipleship Process

(Small Groups, Worship, Stewardhship, Evangelism)

I. Unbinding Your Church - Deepening the Faith Base of the Congregation
II. Innovative Worship
III. Transformational Worship - The Backdrop for Worship
IV. Some Strategies to Move from the Traditional Model to the Transformational Model

Spiritual Leadership

(Nurturing Leaders, Organization, Change and Control, Growth Strategies)

I. 10 Top Leadership Ideas
II. Changing How We Are Managing Our Church
III. Growth, Change, and Harmony
IV. Overcoming Control and the Cult of Harmony
V. Spiritual Leadership

Vision & Values Discernment

(All Church Process, Implementation)

I. Creating a Vision Statement
II. Finding the Core Values of Your Congregation
III. Guidelines for a Visioning Process
IV. Core Value Process - A List of Core Values
V. Strengths of Our Congregation
VI. Timeline Worksheet - Looking at Our Church History
VII. Vision For Your Congregation
VIII. Discerning Your Congregation's Future - Vision Workshop
IX. What Do We Have Energy For - A Zero-Based Programming Worksheet
X. Whorksheets for Growth Areas - Areas for Improvement

Heartburst Outreach

(How to Read and Link to the Community)

I. 2 Guest Checklists for Hospitality
II. 14 Proven Ways to Reach the Unchurched
III. Community Interview Questionnaire
IV. How to Network and do Hospitality
V. Pastors - Networking Your Mission Field
VI. Reading the Community
VII. Welcomer's Instructions

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