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David Pophams's Full I-Generation Article

Youth Resources

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Waltrina Middleton, Local Church Ministries
Minister for Youth Advocacy and Leadership Formation
Congregational Vitality and Discipleship Team
P 216-736-3871
F 216-736-3818

Curriculum Resources

For persons seeking curriculum ideas, please note that the following programs have been reviewed and approved through the national offices of the UCC. The individual program websites will give you a better feel and understanding of the material. However, to order we urge you to order through United Church of Christ Resources: 800-537-3394.

- Seasons of the Spirit – an all-age liturgical-based curriculum:

- Gather Round – children and youth Bible-based curriculum:

- Living the Questions– a video- based progressive exploration of Christian understanding for adults:

- Faith Practices – the new all-age resource from the UCC, may be used in a variety of settings, for sample material: Click Here

For more information on curriculum or education resourcing visit:

For selections on Adult Education or Human Sexuality Education visit the link above and select “curriculum” from the left hand column.

Partners in Education

Your OCWM dollars - - at work to serve you in Christ's name.

A trained team of experienced educators prepared to help your congregation with:

      > planning for educational ministries
      > selecting resources for teaching and learning
      > working with children, youth, young adults and adults
Partners in Education are available to offer workshops to help leaders in your church plan and develop vibrant ministries of education. Possible workshops include:
      > Sunday school curriculum selection
      > Teacher training
      > Exploring additional resources on particular topics
      > Revitalizing educational ministries
      > Youth ministry
      > Educational ministry in the small church
      > Children and worship

Contact David Popham, Associate Conference Minister for more information: 303-984-9118 or 1-800-284-0287 or

Partners in Education

is a national ministry of the United Church of Christ. It is a network of over 300 educators across the country who gather regularly both nationally and at each Conference level for training, planning and empowerment.


provide services to local churches, and at Association and Conference gatherings.

Partners are all volunteers

Conferences cover their expenses.They are trained and supported by a team of 17 United Church Education Consultants who have been recruited from across the 6 regions of the UCC.

The Rev. JoAnne Bogart

Rocky Mountain Conference, is the UCC Education Consultant who serves our Western Region of the UCC. Regional Consultants receive modest honoraria and expenses for their ministries.

Sara Weatherman and Melinda Campbell

also are Partners who can provide services.

The Rev. Kenneth Ostermiller

Minister for Education Leadership Development, designed and coordinates this program from the national offices of the United Church of Christ in Cleveland, Ohio.

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