Conference Adults

July 16-22, 2017

Practice the presence of God!

Camp Cost: $490

Check-In: 07/16/2017 4:00pm
Check-Out: 07/22/2017 10:00am

At Contemplative Camp, we begin and end the day in silence, a celebration of the Mystery beyond. Each day includes a book discussion on classics like An Altar in the World, the labyrinth, diverse practices, swimming, laughter, and love. Through ordinary spirituality, we seek the presence of God.

La Foret accommodations presume multiple guests in each room. There are limited single rooms available for people with special circumstances. The registration cost for these single rooms is $585, and they are first-come, first-served.

Event Leadership

Sally Palmer

Rev. Dr. Sally Palmer

"Silent Sal" has been leading her local group and contemplative retreats for 23 years. She teaches at the University of Wyoming, and enjoys interfaith friendships, her family, and her dog.