Summer Camp Counselor Application

Be a Counselor!

Looking for a summer adventure?

Fun, laughter, and opportunities to really make a difference in the lives of our young people, sprinkled generously with long hours and hard work. Spend your days outdoors and your nights in well earned sleep. Volunteering at a Rocky Mountain Conference UCC summer camp can be an amazing experience!

Says Robbie Carlson, a former counselor:
… the best way to continue your La Foret camping experience, although your days as a camper may have passed, is to be a camp counselor!”

Working at camp has been compared to being on a mission trip. The experience is both rewarding and challenging, requiring each counselor to be willing and dedicated to providing unselfish service to others.


- Commit to one week during July, room and board provided
- Ages 16 , there is a need for older adult counselors, as well as younger adult counselors
- Physically fit and emotionally mature
- A desire to put others before yourself a must
- Ability to follow the leadership of the camp directors
- Submission of required application forms and attendance at required training sessions

Counselors ages 16 - 20 can work with grades 2 through 8 camps only. Please be aware that counseling at summer camp is a volunteer, non-paid position.

Rewards: TRANSFORMED LIVES! (including your own)

Download and Fill out this Counselor App Form

then e-mail it to

Rev. Tamara Boynton @
Acting Associate Conference Minister

Ouestions? Contact Tamara at 303-984-9118